USA Digital History Labs

The University of South Alabama Digital History Lab publishes multimedia original research. The lab trains scholars for a variety of careers in history education and museums, or related areas like civics and law, and new fields of data management. The sites below reflect a few of the many projects created by our talented scholars.

Sample Projects

We Are Here, Digital Story Map in ArcGIS
JJP/KeepersofthePast, by Madison Burkholder
Ladd Peebles Stadium, by Historic Sites Search Party
War and Art by Tiffany Beasley
A collection of articles related to American non-combatant wartime activities during the Crimean War
The Civil War on the Gulf Coast
Nazi Doctor Crimes, by RK
Historic Brookley Field
Manci's History and Architecture, by Dannie Mixon
The Troubles Decommissioning Weapons, by Liam Hodges


A title VI grant from the U.S. Department of Education and generous contributions from “Friends of History” sponsored initial equipment and renovations.

When the lab is not in use for digital history publication and classes, it is open to other departments for scheduling, and for student use in other projects.

Moving forward, the Digital History Lab hopes to partner with community groups in Mobile and Baldwin Counties to showcase histories of our region. However, we still need to grow the number of computer stations, to expand the software packages we teach, and to keep the lab open full time with a dedicated student-worker to oversee activities. If you would like to support these efforts, please consider donating through the link at the bottom of this page.